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Congressman Gil Cisneros flipped a key congressional district and helped turn Orange County blue last election cycle. Winning this seat wasn’t easy. In fact, Cisneros was not declared the winner until two weeks after the election. The candidate who Cisneros defeated last cycle is running again, and Congressman Gil Cisneros is going to need all of our help to win his re-election.

Once a Republican stronghold, Democrats flipped every Orange County seat in 2018, and it was because of candidates like Congressman Mike Levin. Levin became the first Latino to hold that seat. Keeping the majority in the House depends on re-electing Levin in 2020.

Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell unseated a two-term Republican incumbent in one of the most Democratic districts in Florida. Mucarsel-Powell did so by presenting a clear contrast between her challenger's policies and her own. Now, Republicans are eyeing this diverse district as a prime target. With a district that includes one of the most expensive media markets in the country, Mucarsel-Powell will need all our support to ensure she is re-elected in 2020. 

Despite Republicans spending millions of dollars in racist and misleading ads during the 2018 election cycle, Congressman Antonio Delgado defeated the one-term incumbent. Delgado knows the needs of his vast district because he has made it a priority to make himself accessible to all his constituents. Republicans will undoubtedly run the same old playbook in the 2020 election It is critical that we help debunk their lies and uplift all that Delgado is doing for NY-19. 

In a district that President Trump carried by 10 points in 2016, Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small made history in 2018 by becoming the first Latina to represent this district. It wasn’t an easy win, in fact, the race remained too close to call for several days after Election Day. Torres Small clinged to victory by a narrow margin, making this race a top priority for Latino Victory as we head into the 2020 election.